Spectrum Analysis, Monitoring & Geo-location

Situational awareness is more than what we see, hear, and think we know.

DragonFly LogoPraemittias Systems recognizes that ubiquitous wireless communications are an inherent part of human activity in an instrumented world. A real-time, intuitive understanding of the locations, relationships, and types of communications imparts far more understanding than visual observation.

Praemittias Systems has designed the DRAGONFLY to provide all-weather, all-terrain situational awareness of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The DRAGONFLY was created with a high degree of autonomous, sensor-complementary, and passive operations modes: it frees humans for other tasks and cognitive contributions. DRAGONFLY interprets the electromagnetic spectrum to the human senses in an intuitive, easy to operate manner that permits use by non-technical personnel with a minimum of training.

We create client success, not client dependence. DRAGONFLY uses non-proprietary, industry standard components, protocols, and principles. DRAGONFLY rapidly integrates into any platform. It can operate as a stand-alone sensor, or fully integrate into other sensor capabilities or architectures, from local to national, or even global capability. DRAGONFLY can use its own or a client’s preferred management system and platform, whether a smartphone or the most advanced enterprise architectures.

DRAGONFLY System Features
Monitor: 2 MHz – 2 GHz
Geolocation: 80 – 700 MHz
Bearing Accuracy: +/- 5° RMS
Payload Power: 8W
Payload: Approx. 4.5 lbs


DragonFly Antenna


DRAGONFLY provides understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum portion of the environment. It rapidly makes sense of the locations, relationships, and types of communications in the environment. This capability accomplishes a wide array of tasks from spectrum management and measurement to security applications.

Whether searching for a single, imperiled person in a remote area, or determining the status of post-disaster infrastructure, DRAGONFLY provides an invaluable, rapidly deployable ability to locate emergency beacons or any other surviving communications.

Licensed operators, the public and government agencies expect use of spectrum free from interference. DRAGONFLY provides an outstanding, efficient means of detecting, analyzing, and accurately locating sources of interference.

The effectiveness of an instrumented world depends upon the accuracy of the touchstones within the system. This system provides an efficient and accurate means to survey beacons and navigation aids to guarantee integrity.

Wildlife research and management presents unique challenges with highly transitory targets moving over large scales of challenging terrain. DRAGONFLY provides the best approach for signal-aided management and tracking solutions.