Stephen O’Halek


Vice President, Engineering

Steve is a University of Notre Dame and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) trained Electrical Engineer, whose career trajectory has included Engineering Design and Development, Project Leadership, Program Management and Senior Executive roles. For over 15 years, Steve has combined technical training and Leadership experience to deliver products and solutions to clients.

Steve’s career has included stints working for IBM, Motorola and American Systems, providing experience working in organizations from small to very large in employees and annual revenue. His work with Motorola included an enriching two (2) year expatriate position in Toulouse, France, and he has many years of experience working within the US with both Commercial and Government clients. He has been granted clearances high enough to allow him to move freely throughout the Department of Defense.

Steve has been with Praemittias for 5 years, taking on simultaneous roles including Engineering Development, Production and Program Management, and Senior Executive, while assisting with accounting activities.

For 6 years, Steve has been the principle guiding force behind the initial development, production and continuing advancement of Wolfhound, the flagship product of Praemittias Systems and winner of the 2009 “US Army Greatest Invention.” He maintains a constant, comprehensive understanding of the hardware, software and production requirements for Wolfhound. Steve also acts as a Program Manager for Wolfhound, interfacing with all past, current and future clients, and is instrumental in Wolfhound proposals, pricing, contracting and negotiations due to the depth and breadth of his experience with the program.

Clint VanDerPool

Vice President, Operations

Clint has more than 17 years of management experience that began in South Florida while running the small family business. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Clint became initiated at an early age to the skill sets and discipline required for the tasks he would later encounter. Clint has a BS in International Economics with additional studies in Political Science and Accounting. In his early years of government contracting, he held several key leadership positions with success in extremely dynamic, austere and remote regions of the world, operating autonomously.

More recently, program management within the areas of integrated services and acquisitions have formed the core of Clint’s experience. With extensive knowledge in all aspects of program life cycle management, Clint’s talents have grown to oversee multiple operations and emerging opportunities through the assembly of resources and talented personnel with international reach. Clint has played a crucial part in the development of business opportunities for several different companies in markets to include: the Middle East, Eastern Europe, West Africa, and Central and South America. Clint has also held positions as Financial Advisor, Operations Manager, Country Operations Manager and Corporate Director of Operations for several diversified companies ranging from Morgan Stanley to Triple Canopy, supporting various operations including contingency operations throughout the globe.

Clint is currently the Vice-president of Operations at Praemittias Systems. In this position he is responsible for all programmatic activities in support of current and future acquisitions / contracts. He is the primary interface with all DoD and other customers for day to day operations to include program budget negotiations, contract closeouts and other required negotiations with our various customers.