Praemittias Systems LLC (PSL) is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the AN/PSS-7, WOLFHOUND Cooperative Radio Direction Finding System.

When WOLFHOUND Systems return from theatre, some components are typically in need of repair—some simple, some extensive. We factory certify all equipment and offer options for testing, repairing, upgrading, and tracking components, to provide our customer with the best quality and most cost-effective solution available.

Our team of experienced technicians is certified in IPC-7711/IPC-7721 soldering, anechoic chamber testing, and in the use of all the state of the art test equipment.

WOLFHOUND Literature

Major Components We Repair and Re-Certify

Host Component

  • Broken power switch
  • Mongoose error
  • DFM Control error
  • Doesn’t power up
  • Software needs to be re-flashed
  • Lost thumb drive with software installation


  • Knuckle broken off

ME-3 Wireless Router

  • Device zeroized
  • Cannot connect to other nodes


  • Compass calibration error
  • Broken / bent BNC connectors
  • Compass will not initialize
  • Questionable DF accuracy

Display Head

  • Screen damaged / cracked
  • Scrambled / pixilated screen
  • Screen doesn’t respond to touch
  • Screen grayed out
  • Damaged or detached cable