Cooperative Radio Direction Finding System

The AN/PSS-7 WOLFHOUND v10.1/2 is an award-winning component of the US Army’s AN/MLQ-44 PROPHET Enhanced Signals Intelligence Sensor System. The AN/PSS-7 WOLFHOUND is a lightweight radio direction finding system that targets VHF and UHF radio bands. With the AN/PSS-7 WOLFHOUND, users can listen to and locate Push-To-Talk radios from a mobile configuration with the custom backpack.

Current focus areas for the WOLFHOUND program are:

  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Maintenance and upgrades of the existing 900 WOLFHOUND systems
  • Integration of WOLFHOUND systems into sensor and battle command systems

Praemittias Systems LLC is the exclusive WOLFHOUND designer and manufacturer, fielding more than 1000 systems since 2007.

AN/PSS-7 WOLFHOUND is for sale on the GSA Schedule.
On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, and up-to-date pricing is available through GSA Advantage! ®. Go to and search ‘Praemittias Systems’.

WOLFHOUND System Features
  • Very accurate (~3 degrees RMS error) DF targeting of adversary push to talk (PTT) radios
  • Real time audio monitoring and recording
  • Integral GPS for geolocation
  • Wireless mesh network linking multiple WH nodes
  • Ease of use allowing fast set-up and expedited training
  • Man portable @18lbs in custom designed, versatile backpack
  • Post mission data analysis capabilities via Praemittias Systems provided application software

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Wolfhound System

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